The Economic Development team in the Town of Wainwright set out to do things differently. in 2017 they hired Not a Robot Studios to produce a series of videos that would be featured on their website to help promote the unique benefits of the town.



Meet Wainwright, a Place of Possibilities

Wainwright Alberta has stories to tell. You'd be surprised at how rich of a community this small Alberta town has to offer. This feature video aims to shine a spotlight on the peculiar and interesting life that happens every day in Wainwright.

If you've never been there, you may want to consider adding this as one of your destinations!

A Tribute to The Makers

Entrepreneurs are so important to thriving communities. With this video, the Town of Wainwright puts out a welcome mat to the pioneers who tirelessly build and create opportunities. Wainwright is open for business!

Life is beautiful in wainwright

The concept for this lifestyle commercial came out of a desire to capture the simplicity and connectedness of rural life in Wainwright Alberta. Our goal was to capture people connecting with each other with their beautiful surroundings as the backdrop for meaningful connection.

We are really happy with the final videos and have been getting great response.
— Carley Herbert, Economic Development Officer Town of Wainwright

McSweeney's Road Trip Commercial

In our 2017 series of commercials for McSweeney's Meat Snacks, we worked in partnership with Rebox Creative to create a series of commercials that told the story of four lifetime friends experiencing a Canadian road trip together. 

McSweeneys Meat Snacks -Roadtrip Commercial.jpg


the road triip, 40 second version

This 40 second version of the commercial focuses on the montage of experiences these friends have together. The goal was to show them enjoying McSweeney's products in an authentic and believable way that Canadians can relate to.

The Road Trip, 90 Second Short Film

This short film commercial tells the full story of four friends who have known each other forever. Things are about to change within the group, so they embark on an adventure they won't soon forget.

The Road trip, 15 second version

This 15 second commercial was used for McSweeney's social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. A quick way to grab viewer's attention and get the McSweeney's brand and slogan in front of them.


short film commercials are an excellent way to entertain and connect with your audience while showing off your brand.